Deployments Podiatry Dataspace, Dutch Association of Podiatrists

Podiatry Dataspace, Dutch Association of Podiatrists

The Dutch Association of Podiatrists (NVvP) launched the ‘Dataspace’ together with the podiatry clinics Voetencentrum Wender, Podotherapie Hermanns, Innofeet and the Saxion University of Applied Sciences.

The Dataspace allows members of the consortium to safely join data and learn more about the effectiveness and value of podiatric care. The podiatry MPC consortium is unique because it may well be the first federated healthcare quality registry in the world; and it is in a relevant disease area (diabetic feet) that costs 500mln euro per year in The Netherlands alone. The Dataspace uses the MPC from Roseman Labs, which combines strong governance controls for the participants and strong privacy controls for the data subjects.

For more information, visit the NVvP’s press release (in Dutch).

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