Deployments Contribute


If you know of an MPC deployment that has been deployed and reached a substantial number of users in practice, submit a PR to add a deployment. Or update an existing entry!

To add a new MPC deployment, you simply need to create a PR with a new Markdown file.

  1. Add yourself as an author in /_data/authors.yml. The first element will be your author ID and the first link will be where on the web people can find you.
  2. Copy the /_posts/ template file in the /_posts/ directory.
  3. Fill in the deployment’s information. Details above the --- and the description are required. For examples of what text and typography is supported, see these template resources. Posts should be concise technical summaries with an emphasis on links to where readers can learn more. Refrain from “advertising” the deployment; keep it informational.
  4. Submit the PR with a description of the change to To help us out, please confirm locally that your version renders. Include how many users the deployment has reached.
  5. We will review the PR, suggest any changes, and hopefully merge your update!

In recent years, MPC (secure multi-party computation) has seen an increase in adoption in real-world use cases. Find deployments here and add more.

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