MPC Deployments
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VaultDB: A Deployment of Secure Multiparty Computation for Clinical Research

VaultDB is a federated database for running SQL queries over secure multiparty computation. In this study, we deployed VaultDB within three healthcare institutions in the Chicago metropolitan area...

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NCSC-NL SecureNed

NCSC-NL accelerates the collection and distribution of sensitive cyber threat intel, by offering a safe, and privacy-preserving environment for participants to share information with each other. P...

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Podiatry Dataspace, Dutch Association of Podiatrists

The Dutch Association of Podiatrists (NVvP) launched the ‘Dataspace’ together with the podiatry clinics Voetencentrum Wender, Podotherapie Hermanns, Innofeet and the Saxion University of Applied Sc...

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Dfns, Web3 Wallet as an API

Dfns provides wallet-as-a-service infrastructure that abstracts away private key management from developers. The Dfns API provide secure wallets using threshold signature schemes and currently dep...

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Portal Web3 Infrastructure Provider

Portal provides end-to-end embedded blockchain infrastructure tools so organizations can launch blockchain products with minimal time or effort. The Portal integration offers various security featu...

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Safeheron MPC Wallet

Safeheron is an Open-source MPC and TEE-based digital asset self-custody service platform for institutions. Utilizing Secure Multi-Party Computation (MPC) and Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) te...

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Fordefi MPC Wallet (DeFi)

Fordefi is an institutional MPC wallet and security platform built for DeFi (decentralized finance). Fordefi leverages MPC in ensuring the security of transactions that are central to DeFi: trading...

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Meta Private Lift Measurement for Private Advertising

Meta’s Private Lift Measurement uses MPC to allow both Meta and an advertiser to learn insights about how an ad is performing without the need to trust either party with both datasets. MPC limits t...

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Google Private Join and Compute

Google’s Private Join and Compute service is a new type of MPC that augments the core Private Set Intersection (PSI) protocol to allow organizations to collaborate with their confidential data sets...

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J.P. Morgan Privacy-Preserving Inventory Matching

Inventory matching is a mechanism for trading financial stocks in which buyers and sellers are paired. In the centralized setting, parties must share their order to buy or sell a stock, accompanied...

In recent years, MPC (secure multi-party computation) has seen an increase in adoption in real-world use cases. Find deployments here and add more.

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