MPC Deployments
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J.P. Morgan Privacy-Preserving Inventory Matching

Inventory matching is a mechanism for trading financial stocks in which buyers and sellers are paired. In the centralized setting, parties must share their order to buy or sell a stock, accompanied...

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Google & Apple, Privacy-Preserving COVID-19 Exposure Notifications

The Internet Security Research Group (ISRG) and the National Institute of Health (NIH) use MPC for extracting private analytics from COVID-19 Exposure Notifications from Google and Apple devices. T...

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MPC for Social Good

Researchers at Boston University have collaborated with several institutions in order to deploy social good MPC applications. One example is collaborating with Callisto for detecting serial perpetr...

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Fireblocks MPC Wallet

Fireblocks is one of the leading cryptocurrency wallets which distributes trust between the application provider and the client in order to mitigate central points of attack. As opposed to storing ...

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Divvi Up, A Privacy-Respecting System for Aggregate Statistics

Divvi Up is the Internet Security Research Group’s system for private statistical aggregation of software telemetry. Divvi Up offers the Prio3 suite of algorithms. Applications upon which these agg...

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Zengo MPC Wallet

Zengo, like other MPC wallets, replaces the traditional cryptocurrency private key with two secret shares. Zengo Threshold Signature Schemes (TSS) for distributed key generation and signing. One sh...

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Web3Auth Wallet as a Service

With Web3Auth infrastructure, a cryptocurrency signing key is divided into multiple parts and stored across the user’s devices, as well as the Web3Auth network. The objective is to ensure that the ...

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Coinbase Cryptocurrency Key Custody

Coinbase must secure signing keys since it custodies users’ digital assets. MPC is used for generating signatures on transactions without a central point of attack through a Threshold Signing Servi...

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Google Confidential Space

Google Cloud’s Confidential Space allows Google Cloud customers to deploy MPC solutions. Confidential Spaces can facilitate data analysis and machine learning on sensitive or regulated data among ...

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Coinbase Wallet as a Service

Coinbase’s Wallet as a Service (WaaS) is a set of wallet infrastructure APIs, enabling companies to create and deploy customizable wallets. Wallets built with WaaS will use MPC for generating signa...

In recent years, MPC (secure multi-party computation) has seen an increase in adoption in real-world use cases. Find deployments here and add more.

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